Nathanael Lentz is a Production Sound Mixer based in Southern California. He has 6 years of experience working on everything from Feature films to lowly Reality TV, and even web series when he really needs money. His sound kit is the greatest in the world and all other sound mixers bow before him.

But seriously...

I can't really write this in the third person and tell you how great I am because in reality there about a few hundred (if not thousands) of people who can do my job. What I can tell you is I strive to be quick and efficient, while maintaining the highest quality possible.
I'm easy to get along with but I am not afraid to speak up and give advise when I think it is needed. I put everything into the projects I work on because I love my job, listening is my passion. All I ask is that you place the generator as far away from the set as humanly possible.
Please take some time to look over my audio samples.
Cheers and I look forward to working with you.