Gear & Rates

I have a full professional kit that can handle any situation, be it a feature film in a rough location, man on the street ENG or an indoor sit down interview. It is fully mobile, can sync time-code, send an audio feed to camera, provide an IFB monitor, and produce digital sound reports. All this is worn on a vest and can be operated by one person.

My gear list includes the following:

Sound Devices Mixers/Recorders

Denecke Timecode Slates and Genlocks

5 Lectrosonic Lavalier Transmitters and Recievers

DPA, Sanken, Rode, Shure, and Sennheiser Shotgun Microphones

DPA, Sanken, and Countryman Lavalier Microphones

Comtek IFB Systems

All this travels in my Transit Connect

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